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The use of rotating anodes reduces the number of x-ray tubes required for scanning by one-half since each tube is capable of producing two consecutive beams with two different wavelengths
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ostensibly tongue-in-cheek but if you see the passion and devotion some fans possess you can understand
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in|taking pleasure in|appreciating} all the {benefits|advantages|perks} of your Erythromycin {treatment|therapy|procedure},
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Time resolved set off enhanced three dimensional magnetic resonance angiography of the coffer: combination of parallel imaging with believe sharing (TREAT)
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10x, Sulphur 13x, Calcarea carbonica 28x 1 ml each in an isotinic sodium-chloride solution base, Inactive
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The plan was announced by executives at the company's earnings conference
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“Bécsben az elmlt napokban volt egy Magyarorszgrl szl szimpzium